RFID in Maritime Container Logistics

RFID technology in container transportation has often been criticized, because of the lack of suitable standards, wherefore a worldwide exploitation of RFID seems to be impossible. Transport chain participants are only willing to buy or develop an infrastructure for this technology, if the compatibility to other participants’ RFID hardware is guaranteed and they do not run the risk of implementing the infrastructure twice or more. The availability of RFID-ISO norms (license plate, shipment tag, eSeal) makes it possible for all supply chain partners to implement their hardware based on these standards.Nevertheless, another important problem remains. Companies will only invest in a new technology if they benefit therefrom, or are constrained by laws and regulations. Due to the absence of compulsory laws, an investment in RFID technology has to be beneficial. Ideally, the investment generates monetary profit, but also non-monetary aspects can be taken into account.

Therefore, this research project deals with new features, functions and benefits provided by RFID technology. Within this project, we already conducted a Delphi study, dealing with benefits of RFID for each transport chain participant in container logistics. Based hereon, we currently focus on required and possible modifications in transshipment processes and IT-infrastructure, resulting from the introduction of RFID.

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