Mitigating the Effects of Emergencies in Baltic Sea Region Ports (HAZARD)
Ports, terminals and storage facilities are often located close to residential areas, thus potentially exposing a large number of people to the consequences of accidents. The HAZARD project deals with these concerns by bringing together rescue services, other authorities, logistics operators and established knowledge partners.
SCRM Audit – Conceptual development of a holistic internal self audit for Supply Chain Risk Management
4th Edition of Study on SCRM in the German Wind Power Industry (2014)
Company- and Supply Chain-Specific Implementation of Supply Chain Risk Management – (a research project called “SitRisk”)
Analysis of supply chains in the Wind Energy Industry
Due to the fact that the young industry is facing significant challenges, the Institute of Logistics and General Management at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg supports the development of this important dynamic Industry through the creation of various research studies. In addition to the high growth in emerging markets such as North America and Asia, it is expected that the sales figures will rise even in markets with high performance installation such as Germany by repowering and building offshore wind farms.
Industrial project on risk management in medical engineering
International study on risk management in supply chains in cooperation with the Ohio State University (USA)
Project on developing a supply chain risk management navigator
3rd Edition of Study on SCRM in the German Wind Power Industry (2012)
The wind power industry is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in Germany. This leads to substantial challenges for this young industry. Efficient supply chains gain particular importance to cope with these challenges. Therefore, the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management (LogU) at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has analyzed supply chains in the German wind power industry in cooperation with Pleyma GmbH in 2008 and 2010 and identified significant deficiencies in supply chain risk management (SCRM) practices. In 2012 the data gathering has been successfully conducted under the academic supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Wolfgang Kersten.
Study on Supply Chain Risk Management in the German Wind Energy Sector (2008)
Reissue of a study on supply chain risk management for the German wind power industry (2010)