Study on identification of weaknesses in service processes using the example of the wind energy sector (2009)

The wind energy industry has stabilized at a relatively constant level of growth after years of ever-increasing new installations and a period of consolidation.
Although service processes are among the critical success factors, still no service provider is able to actually convince its customers, referring to a service of the BWE survey of early 2009.
The aim of this study in the field of wind energy is to assess the maturity levels of the different service processes on the market from the customer perspective and to identify causes for the low satisfaction scores of wind turbine operators.
Based on the analysis have been conducted by the Institute of Logistics and General Management under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten, the vulnerability of the service concepts should be detected and ways of improving the logistics processes for service and replacement parts of wind turbines should be identified.
Methodically the stage of maturity of the existing processes is determined by means of a written survey of wind farm operators or managers.
The field work of this study to identify weaknesses in service processes of the wind energy industry has already been completed and the successful completion of the evaluation result is imminent.

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