ÖkoStar - Development and implementation of an environmental standard for general-cargo-alliances

Considering the long term increase in energy costs and climate protection efforts, sustainability is gaining significantly more importance. To meet customers´ demand, companies increasingly consider economical as well as social and environmental objectives (triple bottom line). Concerning these objectives, the field of logistics offers significant potential for further improvements. Decisions made in this sector influence the whole value chain and therefore bear huge saving potentials.

This project focuses on the general cargo segment where cargoes are loaded individually, e.g. using pallets or boxes. Furthermore the project is especially focusing on general-cargo-cooperations, which are specific strategic alliances: Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) collaborate to provide a comprehensive transport network and to compete against leading logistic providers. Thereby sustainability goals are gaining more importance. Above trend is reflected in the development of a Carbon Footprint concept and the implementation of efficient processes.  

The ÖkoStar-project aims at supporting the implementation of an ecological standard for the entire network. Several sustainability-maturity levels as well as different objectives of the network partners have to be considered. The operator of the general-cargo-network is crucial for developing and implementing such standard.

Especially SMEs still have the possibility to participate in the project and to shape the project outcomes for their special needs.
The Institute of Business Logistics and General Management (LogU) is working together with the International Performance Research Insitute (IPRI) on this project. The duration is 24 months, from November 2013 until October 2015.


This presented IGF-project 17936 N/1 of the research association Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. – BVL, Schlachte 31, 28195 Bremen has been supported by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen “Otto von Guericke” (AiF) e. V. in line with the Collective Research Programme (IGF) of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Projekt- Website: http://www.sustainability-control.org/oekostar/

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