Thermal use of Biomass

Against the background of the energy turnaround, the importance of renewable energies in energy supply in Germany and globally continues to grow. This is primarily noticeable in the electricity system, but there is also an increase in renewable energies in the provision of heat through the thermal conversion of biogenic solid fuels.

In this context, various research projects are carried out at the IUE in which, on the one hand, particulate matter emissions from the combustion of biogenic solid fuels such as wood pellets, wood chips and logs can be investigated and reduced by fuel-side measures such as additives. On the other hand, the combustion behavior of stalk-like biomass will be optimized with regard to harmful emissions and low ash melting point. 

Another research aspect is the holistic utilization concept of biogenic waste. Autoclave pre-treatment can significantly improve the combustion properties of the solid phase, while the liquid phase can be used to generate biogas.