ResMob - Assessment of the use of biotic and abiotic resources in the mobility sector – Development of criteria, methods and concepts for Life Cycle Assessment

Project management:


Dr. Anne Rödl

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Kaltschmitt

Funding:Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Project partners:TU-Berlin, Department of Sustainable Engineering
Project volume:4 years
Project term:09/2017 - 05/2021

With the help of life cycle assessment method it is possible to determine and evaluate potential environmental impacts of products or production processes. Thanks to the development work carried out so far, the methodology already offers the possibility of determining numerous environmental impacts. Nevertheless, the method always reaches its limits when it comes to more complex interrelationships between anthropogenic and natural systems. For example, the effects of resource withdrawals can only be inadequately reflected in a life cycle assessment. It is difficult to assess processes that interfere with ecosystems. The method also reaches its limits when comparing products based on the extraction of different types of resources (abiotic, biotic). For example, analyses of different powertrain systems in the mobility sector are often limited to a comparison of greenhouse gas emissions. The effects of the consumption of different resources in the supply chain are usually not considered.

The aim of the project is therefore to develop an approach compatible with the life cycle assessment methodology, which can be used to assess the use of biotic and abiotic resources for any kind of product or service. To this end, the existing previous works of the project partners will be continued. The developed evaluation method will then be applied and tested on the basis of various alternative mobility options (i.e. use of biofuels or new propulsion technologies) in order to demonstrate the practicability of the developed approach on the basis of this complex question.