IWWG President participated in 2021 P4G Seoul Summit

The president of the IWWG, Evangelos Gidarakos, participated at the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit on Green Growth and Global Targets 2030.


18th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, 11 - 15 October 2021, Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Italy. Website

IWWG Russia and NIS Regional Branch: International Scientific Conference 2021

The IWWG Regional Branch for Russia and NIS is co-organizing the V International Scientific Conference "From Waste Management to Resource Recovery" to be held 2-3 Dec. 2021 in Perm, Russia.

ICLRS 2022

11th Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposium

June 2022, Wilmington, NC, USA.Website

Anders Lagerkvist

Waste Science and Technology


Why I joined IWWG

As a research student I visited waste conferences in different countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. I noticed that most of the participants were from the host countries and a few neighboring ones and that the discussions was mostly on some aspects which were currently focused in that place, e g product responsibility, or other changes of legislation. In contrast the Sardinia conference brought together people from many countries and you got to learn about different perspectives and problems formulations. I found that stimulating to learn about and discuss, and made some new friends in the process. Eight of us later formed the IWWG aiming to build on and expand this global network for research and development, independent from national organizations and open for all that wish to contribute. Over the years this has opened many doors for me and given me insights that you may never find in the published literature.

M.Sc, 1982, Thesis on in-situ redox measurements, Tekn lic. (Dr), 1987, Thesis on transport and degradation processes in landfills, Tekn dr (D Sc) 1995, Thesis on two-step anaerobic treatment of MSW, all exams at Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Sweden. Full Professor at LTU in 2001.

Docent (Associate prof) 2002, at Oulu University, Finland.

Anders Lagerkvist (AL) started the Landfill Research Group at Luleå University of Technology in 1988, the research initially focused much on landfill process technology and especially landfill gas issues. Waste management and treatment, soil remediation and environmental informatics are additional areas of research for the group which is now known as the division for Waste Science and Technology, (WST) at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

AL's own research primarily deals with landfill processes, biological waste treatment and waste characterisation. As a research leader and supervisor of 30+ PhD and MSc-theses, AL has been working with the full range of the WST research program. AL has also served various committees for LTU and created and taught courses in the area of waste management for LTU.

External professional activities:

Consulting: Area: Area: Waste Management & Landfill Technology - Clients include Cities, Waste management companies, SNV ("SEPA"), Industries and Consulting firms.

1990-1991: Project leader of DEPÅ 90 (National Swedish Landfill R & D project).1992- 1997: Leader of the IEA Bioenergy Agreement Landfill Gas Activity. Referee for various organisations including LTU, KTH, EU (DG XII), Nature, Applied Env. Microbiology, Waste Management & Research, Warmer Bulletin etc. 1993-1995 Technical expert for waste terminology work in Sweden. Organised (with others) international landfill research symposia in 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Have lectured in courses in Sweden, Finland, Italy, USA, Peru, South Africa, Portugal, China and the Dominican Republic.

Recent work includes:

  1. Papers and presentations
  2. Ecke, H., Menad, N. & Lagerkvist, A. (2003) Carbonation of municipal solid waste incineration fly ash and the impact on metal mobility. Journal of Environmental Engineering 129(5) 435-440.

    Ejlertsson, J. , Karlsson, , Anders Lagerkvist, A., Hjertberg, T. and Svensson, B.H. (2003) Effects of co-disposal of wastes containing organic pollutants with municipal solid waste––a landfill simulation reactor study, Advances in Environmental Research, Volume 7, Issue 4 , June 2003, Pages 949-960.

    Gustavsson, B., Luthbom, K. and Lagerkvist, A. (2006) Comparison of analytical error and sampling error for contaminated soil., Journal of Hazardous Materials , 2006 B138, 252-260.

    Kumpiene, J., Lagerkvist, A., Maurice, C. (2006) Retention of metals leached from MSWI bottom ashes in soils, Soil and Sediment Contamination, 15(4): 429-441.

    Kumpiene, J., Ore, S., Renella, G., Mench, M., Lagerkvist, A., and Maurice, C. (2006) Assessment of zerovalent iron for stabilization of chromium copper, and arsenic in soil, Environmental Pollution, 144 (2006) 62-69.

    Kylefors, K., Ecke, H. & Lagerkvist, A. (2003) Accuracy of COD test for landfill leachates. Water, Air & Soil Pollution 146(1-4) 153-69.

    Kylefors, K., L. Andreas and A. Lagerkvist (2003). A comparison of small scale, pilot-scale and large-scale tests for predicting leaching behaviour of landfilled wastes. Journal of Waste Management, (23)1

    Lagerkvist, A. (2006) Academic research on solid waste in Sweden 1994–2003, Waste Management, No 3, Vol. 26, p 277-283.

    Maurice, C. & Lagerkvist, A. (2004). Assessment of methane oxidation capacity of soil. Waste Management and research, 22: pp 42-48.

    Todorovic, J., Ecke, H. & Lagerkvist, A. (2003) The effect of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) fly ash solidification with water on the mobility of metals. Waste Management 23(7) 621-9.

  3. Reports & books
  4. Lagerkvist, A. (ed) (2003) Landfill Technology, Technical Report 2001:15, Luleå University of Technology, 650 p.

    Lagerkvist, A.(1997) Landfill Dictionary, International Solid Waste Association, Copenhagen, ISBN 87-90402-03-0, 52 p.

Contact information

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden
Phone: +46920491908
Fax: +46920491648
e-mail: al (AT) ltu.se
Homepage: www.ltu.se/shb/2.2014