Information on Studying at TUHH (Incoming Students)

Contact & Advice

Lars Köttner
Building K
Room 1558
Mail: lars.koettner(at)
Tel: 040 - 42878 2312
Consulation hour: Fridays 13:30 - 14:30 Uhr

(In very urgent cases during longer absence of Lars Köttner please contact Denys Romanenko)

You can find further supprt by contacting the staff of the International Office of TUHH

Course Selection at TUHH

If you are an incoming student to TUHH School of Mechanical Engineering you have to select your courses for your learning agreement (LA). Of course you can create your own, completely individual curriculum according to your preferences and the requirements of your sending institution or choose pre-defined study packages.

Study Packages

To help you get started, we propose pre-defined study packages based on our Master’s programs which you may use unmodified or adapt to your liking.

You can find the pre-defined study packages here.

This may be helpful, especially if you need to achieve a certain number of ECTS poinst during your stay at TUHH. For each Master’s program there is typically one package for the summer and one for the winter semester.

Self-Contained Course Selection

If you choose the courses at TUHH on your own while designing you Learning Agreement, without taking the courses from the above mentioned study packages, at first you need to take following hints in account.

Following restrictions you should verify:

  • Check out whether there is a limited course capacity (Here you will find an additional overview for the capacity-limited courses from the School of Mnagement Sciences and Technology(W))
  • Check language restrictions
  • Check, whether the course is possibly a part of a module. A course, which is part of a module, can have a own exam or is there is an entire module exam

You should inform yourself on your potential courses in following order before shaping/changing your module choice/Learning Agreement: monitoring of the further down linked Course Overviews--> searching of information on the website of the lecturer (if necessary)-->contacting the lecturer directly (if necessary).

Language Level Requierements

B1 level (in the course language) is required.

Course Overviews

Courses of Study

Course Catalogue

Module Catalogue

Study Calendar

In Germany the semester and lecture schedule during the year varies compared to the most other countries. Here you can find the relevant dates. Please take in account that the exams at TUHH mostly take place after the lecture period. The exam cycle can last until the beginning of the next lecture period, depending on chosen modules.


Thesis at TUHH
It is possible to write a thesis at TUHH. Bachelor thesis ("Bachelorarbeit") and Student Project ("Studentische Arbeit/Projektarbeit") correspond to 12 ECTS points. Master Thesis ("Masterarbeit") correspond to 30 ECTS points.

Grading System

GradeGermanEnglishEquivalent in ECTS
1,0sehr gutvery goodA
1,3sehr gutvery goodA
3,7ausreichend sufficient E
4,0ausreichend sufficient E
4,3nicht bestandenfailedF
5,0nicht bestandenfailedF