Study abroad/ERASMUS

Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Hintze is Deputy Dean International or Departmental Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering (M).


For questions please contact the research assistant first:

Denys Romanenko
Building K
Room 0555

Mail: denys.romanenko(at)
Phone: 040 - 42878 4132

Consulation hour: Freitags 13:30 - 14:30 Uhr

General informations for studying abroad

You can download the presentation of the information event "Im Studium ins Ausland" for the dekanat M here (as from: November 2018).

  • Master: Need to have 30 ECTS open.
  • Bachelor: Need to have minimum of 40 ECTS reached at TUHH.
    • Mechanical Engineering: The following courses have to be completed: Mathematics I and II, Mechanics I and II, Thermodynamics I, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Design.
      •  In addition Mechanical Engineering Design should be completed.
    • Naval Architecture: The following courses have to be sucessfully completed: Mathematics I and II, Mechanics I and II, Thermodynamics I.
      • In addition Mechanical Engineering Design as well as Hydrostatics and Body Plan should be completed.
Study abroad consultation
  • Individual advising of students about possibilities for studying abroad at an (ERASMUS) partner university
  • Advising students during application for the partner university
  • Support for selection and approval of courses
    • Check/Signature of "Learning Agreements"
  • Support during study abroad at the partner university (e. g. study specific problems, adaption of courses etc.)
Mobility fund

There is a finacial aid for studies abroad (ERASMUS, internship abroad, conferences, ...) with the mobility fund of the TUHH. For mechanical engineering (M), please contact us:

  • Advising and support of students during application for the mobility aid
  • The distribution of funds is based on the application (motivation letter, cost plan, ...) and on individual interviews
  • The application process is exclusively made through the Mobility-Online Portal
  • You can find additional informationen there.
Study abroad in Sao Paulo

You can find informations to the programme with Sao Paulo at the left side or here.