Machine Accuracy Enhancement and System Modelling

Considering the present economic scenario an improvement of technical systems cannot be achieved solely by seperate measures in fields of research and development, construction design and manufacturing. Likewise, technical and economical limits are defined for reduction of manufacturing tolerances of system components. In addition to the constructive measures emphasis is more on mathematical modelling of stationary and dynamic system behaviour. Thereby bringing mathematical modelling of stationary and dynamic system behaviour to the forefront. The analysis and modelling of technical systems will be the first step which usually has to be supplemented by system identification or -calibration. This ultimately implies acquisition of the measurement data along with IT based processing of measurement data of technical system. The innovative development of existing technologies will be a decisive factor for the location of current and future economically important products. These products orginate from Mechanical-, Automotive- and Aerospace industry. Mechanical Engineering, Optics and Computer Science will contribute and play a central role in Opt Mechatronics. 

With the help of present technical problems the motivation for the theoretical consideration of above mentioned problem area shall be created. Practical exercises based on existing Matlab and C++ Software packages provide concrete experiences in this field. This provides prerequisites based on the existing examples from fields in Robotics, Machine Tool manufacturing, robot based laser welding, calibration of laser scanner and medicine techology. This also involves introduction of State of Art of Technology along with the introduction of current research in this field.

Participating Study Courses

The lecture is offered as an optional study course as part of master study program for students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and mechatronics.


PD Dr.-Ing. habl. Jörg Wollnack

Supervising Research Assistants

M.Sc. Haji Mwadini

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The lecture is offered in summer as well as in winter semester

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