Welcome to the Institute for Mechatronics (iMEK) at the Hamburg University of Technology. We invite you to take a look at our work, our capabilities, running research activities and of course the people behind all this.

We are always open to new challenges, open to collaboration with mid- to large-size companies and/or collaboration in research across disciplines. If you are interested to get in contact feel free to follow-up

The leading guideline of our work can be summarized in „Human-Centered Engineering“. We are following this guiding thought in all our research work, but especially also in lecturing and teaching. Being an institute with a strong tradition we are currently in a phase of adding the area of micro-mechatronical systems for haptic and optic applications to the already existing maritim application with powers in the range of kilo- and megawatt. If you are interested, feel free to browse our research areas.

Thorsten A. Kern