Psychological topics about consumer behaviour (ideally in combination with research-project or seminar thesis)


Consumer Psychology is a combination of several disciplines to study the behavior of consumers. It includes many disciplines, including behavioral economics, social psychology, cognitive psychology and others. The goal of this research area is to better understand consumers and their decision-making processes and emotions.

What are typical questions in this research area?

  • How and why do customers choose businesses, products, and services?
  • Which emotions and thought processes occur inside the consumer?
  • What role do the consumer's senses play and how can they be specifically addressed by marketers?
  • Why do consumers prefer some products over others?

Structure of the thesis:

First, the work begins with an introduction to the theory and gaining understanding about the topic. Then, different ways of investigating a particular topic emerge:

  • Conducting an experiment to validate previously established hypotheses
  • Qualitative investigation of a topic to generate new theoretical insights
  • Crawling and analyzing existing data


Since these types of work require extensive familiarization with a specific topic, they are excellent for combining with student research projects / project work. The procedure is as follows:

  1. acquisition of a preliminary theoretical knowledge about a specific topic and elaboration of a review paper as a student research project.
  2. transition to the bachelor / master thesis which is based on the knowledge of the study / project work.

Contact Person

Christopher Kelch