The courses offered by the Institute of Innovation Marketing contribute to the business education of future engineers. We are especially engaged in the master degree programs Industrial Engineering Management, Global Innovation Management and Logistics, Infrastructure and Mobility. Furthermore, we address students at Hamburg University of Technology pursuing an engineering-oriented degree and, finally, all students enrolled in the Master of Technology Management at the Northern Institute of Technology (NIT).

In our lectures, we convey scientific and practical knowledge from the fields of marketing, innovation management, and entrepreneurship. We invite students to actively participate in our current research projects by offering them bachelor and master theses.

Our students are encouraged to apply the theoretical knowledge learnt in our courses by discussing case studies and participating in projects aimed at solving real-world problems. The relevance of our study subjects to business practice is also emphasized in several in-class exercises, examples, and guest lectures.

As a general objective, we want to stimulate the students’ self-motivation and joy in learning. By applying a broad set of instructional methods, we aim at triggering the creativity of our students and provide them with a valuable learning experience in engaging teamwork tasks and presentations.