Curriculum Vitae of

Professor Dr-Ing Alfons Kather


Prof Dr-Ing A Kather was Director of the Institute of Energy Systems of the TUHH during the period 01.01.2000 to 30.09.2020.

After completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering at TU Braunschweig, specialising in Process Technology, Prof Kather joined in 1981 the L&C Steinmüller GmbH, Gummersbach, in the Research & Development Department. He performed there praxis-oriented development projects in Combustion Technology, Steam Boilers, Exhaust Gas Treatment (Desulphurisation and Denitrification) and Coal Gasification. In parallel to his duties in industrial R&D, he completed his PhD at RWTH Aachen on a special Heat Exchanger for downstream application to an exhaust desulphurisation plant. After six years in the R&D Department Prof Kather was transferred to the project development part of the Company, undertaking initially the management of the "Energy Technology Development" Section and then additionally of the "Heat Technology" Section.

In 1992 Prof Kather changed to the Company EVT Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH in Stuttgart. He was initially responsible for the design of various Company products and for the R&D activities. In 1996 he undertook the management of the product line "Large Steam Boilers" and in 1998 additionally the technical management of the similar product department of a French daughter Company.

On the basis of his professional activities and especially the responsibility for product development during his last years with the Industry possesses Prof Kather, besides a praxis-relevant broad R&D basis in Energy Systems, also particular expertise in commissioning development projects in practice. Furthermore, he is in a position to assess which technical developments are appropriate, from an economical and technical standpoint, for further practical implementation.

Prof Kather is a member of the Scientific Committee of the German Association of Large Power Plant Operators and of the Committee of the VGB-Research Foundation, as well as was Representative of the COORETEC Executive Committee.