Curriculum Vitae of

Dr-Ing Kristin Abel-Günther


Dr-Ing Abel-Günther leads the Institute of Energy Systems since the 01.04.2021.

After completing her Mechanical Engineering qualification at the University of Hanover specialising in Ship Mechanical Engineering, Dr Abel-Günther started in 1986 her professional career as Research Fellow in the Working Section "Thermal Power Plant and Marine Machines" of TUHH. She was involved in various research projects especially focusing on the Optimisation of Turbine Blades, the Emission Reduction in Fluidised Bed Steam Generators and the Optimisation of Energy Systems. She obtained in 1991 her Ph. D.: "Contribution to the Operational Optimisation of Combined Heat and Power Stations using Industrial Fluidised Bed Steam Generators." In the framework of her research she designed and built a steam turbine test facility at the Helmut-Schmidt University in Hamburg. She also performed emission measurements at various industrial steam generators and initiated a DFG research consortium in cooperation with Thyssen Engineering. This resulted in the overall energy balancing and emissions optimisation in a Thyssen power station utilising a Fluidised Bed Steam Generator. Afterwards and until 2003 she served as the Principal Engineer of the same Working Section of TUHH, precursor of the current Institute of Energy Systems.

In 2003 Dr Abel-Günther joined the Company B+V Industrietechnik GmbH in Hamburg. She was there responsible for project development and the worldwide distribution of steam turbine sets up to 50 MW. This equipment is put in service predominantly in Waste to Energy stations, industrial biomass CHP plant or decentralised energy supply stations as well as in various industrial power stations. In 2006 the Company was overtaken by MAN Turbo AG and Dr Abel-Günther was part of the new Company and its restructured successors until 31.12 2020. In her last position by MAN Energy Solutions SE Dr Abel-Günther was the leader of two international distribution teams for Steam Turbines, while she was also at times responsible for the distribution of small mechanical drives.

Based on her professional profile and her responsible product roles Dr Abel-Günther possesses a broad expertise in Thermal Power Plant, Combined Heat and Power, technical and economic deployment of Renewable Energy Systems as well as the Design and Construction of Steam Turbines. The economic optimisation of Thermal Energy Cycles and the optimisation of the Integration of Steam Turbines were also core activities of Dr Abel-Günther, while at MAN.