Transient behaviour of coupled energy networks with a high share of renewable energies

Project Leader:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfons Kather
Research Assistants:R Peniche Garc├Ča, MSc
Duration:01.05.2013 - 30.04.2017


Overall aim of the project is to identify innovative and reliable possibilities for the efficient binding of renewable energy sources in an existing energy supply infrastructure, with the purpose of maximising the energetic self-sufficiency of the energy system.

The energy supply infrastructure being considered here consists of district heating plants, renewable energy parks, the electricity and gas networks as well as the central and local district heating networks. In addition, large and small energy consumers are taken into consideration.

The analysis will be performed on the concrete example of the energy system of the Free Hanseatic State of Hamburg. The numerical study will use simulation models of varying levels of detail, which are based on physical first principles.

The project is performed in collaboration with two other Institutes of the TUHH:

 with Federal Government support.

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