Simulation and Modelling Capabilities


The modelling capabilities of the Institute of Energy Systems encompass the whole spectrum of power plant technology modelling and process simulation.

Modelling of Overall Power Plant Processes

Commercial Simulation tools (e.g., Ebsilon®, PPS&D®) and the Modelica Language make possible to replicate realistically and then analyse overall power plants under design and operation conditions reflecting the actual praxis. These capabilities enable both stationary and dynamic simulations.

Simulation of a power plant process

 Using these tools it is possible to develop and analyse alternative plant configurations or monitor the operation of particular components. Additionally, the energetic and process optimisation of the overall plant configuration may be investigated.

Process Simulations in Energy Systems

With commercial simulation software (e.g., Aspen®) it is possible to quantitatively analyse individual sub-processes within the power plant and seek their optimal integration.

Process analysis example of an Oxyfuel power plant with CO2 separation, based on an Combined Gas and Steam Natural Gas plant configuration

Flow Simulations in Individual Components or whole Energy Systems

Seeking to optimise individual components requires frequently flow simulation within particular equipment. For this purpose we use commercial codes (e.g., ANSYS FLUENT®), to elucidate the operating conditions within a component. Based on this information it is possible to then propose improvements in the equipment operation, seeking to maximise the efficiency of the processes taking place in the plant.

Velocity vectors in a small biomass combustion chamber


The seamless combination of all these powerful modelling capabilities enables us to draw quantitative conclusions on the technical potential and resulting economic viability of Energy Systems.



Professor Dr-Ing A Kather