CO₂ Corrosion Test Rig

The CO2 Corrosion Test Rig consists of two Hastelloy autoclaves, which are temperature controlled by a Huber Thermostat, an injection pump and a gas mixing manifold. The autoclaves can be operated at pressures up to 150 bar and within the temperature range between -50 and 200 °C.


Overview of the CO2 Corrosion Test Rig


In the experiments various mixtures of CO2, CO, O2, H2O, NO and SO2 are used. Different material samples are exposed to these mixtures for specified durations and are left to corrode.

Aim of these studies is to determine the corrosion potential on various materials of mixtures from different CO2 separation processes and also define the minimal purity requirements for the separated CO2 stream, from the standpoint of material science.


Professor Dr-Ing A Kather