Module: Electrical Power Systems II


Electrical Power Systems IILecture2Winter Semester
Electrical Power Systems IIRecitation Section (large)2Winter Semester

Module Responsibility:

Prof. Christian Becker

Admission Requirements:


Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering,

Electrical Power Systems I,

Mathematics I, II, III

Educational Objectives:

Professional Competence

Theoretical Knowledge

Students are able to explain in detail and critically evaluate technologies and information systems for operational management of conventional and modern electric power systems as well as methods and algorithms for steady-state network calculation, failure calculation, power system operation and optimization. They are additonally able to apply these methods to real electric power systems. 


With completion of this module the students are able to apply the acquired skills for planning and analysis of real electric power systems and to critically evaluate the results.

Personal Competence

Social Competence

The students can participate in specialized and interdisciplinary discussions, advance ideas and represent their own work results in front of others.


Students can independently tap knowledge of the emphasis of the lectures and apply it within further research activities. 

ECTS-Credit Points Module:



Oral exam

Workload in Hours:

Independent Study Time: 124, Study Time in Lecture: 56

Course: Electrical Power Systems II


Christian Becker




Winter Semester


  • steaedy-state modelling of electric power systems
    • conventional components
    • Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and HVDC
    • grid modelling
  • grid operation
    • electric power supply processes
    • grid and power system management
    • grid provision
  • grid control systems
    • information and communication systems for power system management
    • IT architectures of bay-, substation and network control level 
    • IT integration (energy market / supply shortfall management / asset management)
    • future trends of process control technology
    • smart grids
  • functions and steady-state computations for power system operation and plannung
    • load-flow calculations
    • sensitivity analysis and power flow control
    • power system optimization
    • short-circuit calculation
    • asymmetric failure calculation
      • symmetric components
      • calculation of asymmetric failures
    • state estimation


E. Handschin: Elektrische Energieübertragungssysteme, Hüthig Verlag

B. R. Oswald: Berechnung von Drehstromnetzen, Springer-Vieweg Verlag

V. Crastan: Elektrische Energieversorgung Bd. 1 & 3, Springer Verlag

E.-G. Tietze: Netzleittechnik Bd. 1 & 2, VDE-Verlag