Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Christian Hotz

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Christian Hotz

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  • Hotz, C.; Becker, C. (2019). „Online Monitoring of Power System Small Signal Stability Using Artificial Neural Networks“, Proceedings of Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems (NEIS 2019), Hamburg, September 2019, [Abstract] [www] [BibTex]


  • Hotz, C.; Becker, C. (2017). „Comparing Local and Wide Area Control Topologies for Oscillation Damping in Electrical Power Systems Using Kinetic Energy of Wind Power Plants“, Proceedings of Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems (NEIS 2017), Hamburg, September 2017, [Abstract] [BibTex]


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Projekt based learning: Sustainable Water Management
Module: Sustainable Water Management and Microbiology of Water Supply
WiSe 19/20
Course type:
Miscellaneous (Organization)
Course number:
Prof. Dr. Mathias Ernst
Thu.. 09:45 - 11:45 (weekly)
First appointment:Thu , 17.10.2019 09:45 - 11:45, Room: (N - ES40 Raum 0008)
(N - ES40 Raum 0008)

The course provides knowledge on the sustainable treatment and management of the resource water. Used water is an alternative resource and can be recycled in any field of the urban water cycle after adequate treatment. The resulting water quality is the decisive issue. In the course the central quality parameters of drinking- as well as wastewater assessment will be presented and discussed. Moreover the legal frame for water reuse in the EU and examples from all over the world will be communicated. The students receive the task to develop a conceptual design study of an indirect potable reuse facility in given boundary conditions. To fulfill this task, the students will work in small groups representing a consulting firm. Later in the course the firms will present their concepts. In preparation to the team presentation further knowledge on alternative water resources and sustainable management will be provided. International case studies will be presented and discussed. Next to the communication of technical details, planning tools for the implementation of alternative water management will be given also Option for an effective public perception program of later water users. 

- Milestones in Water Reuse, V. Lazarova, T. Asano, A. Bahri, J. Anderson, IWA Publishing 2013
- Current UN World Water Development Reports
- Water Security for Better Lives, OECD Studie 2013
- PPT’s provided during the course 

Basic knowledge in water chemistry, Knowledge of main water treatment processes
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Home institute: Institut für Wasserressourcen und Wasserversorgung (B-11)
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Supervised Theses (finished)


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