Dynamics, control and stability

Electrical power systems are largely distributed and highly dynamic systems with widely varying time constants. This has always required ensuring stable operation and designing suitable controls for numerous tasks while maintaining stability in the well-known forms applicable to electrical power systems. The current transformation of systems is leading to an increasing coupling of electrical energy systems with systems for gas and heat supply as well as to an increased integration of power-electronically coupled systems and operating equipment. This influences the dynamics of the overall system and its stability, so that a variety of tasks have to be solved for analysing the dynamics, ensuring stability and developing controls for present and future energy systems. The ieet focuses in particular on the following key topics:

  • Ancillary services from wind energy and PV plants
  • Dynamics and stability in sector-coupled energy systems
  • Stability and grid control in transmission grids with power-electronically coupled devices
  • Grid-supporting controller behaviour of decentralised generation plants for frequency stability
  • Integration of power-electronically coupled plants as elements of cyber-physical energy systems

Research Projects in this area