Institute of Measurement Technology

The Institute of Measurement Technology was dissolved on 30.03.2015 and transitioned into the Institute of Electrical Power and Energy Technology.

The institute, founded in 1982 and first headed by physicist Prof. Dr. Hauke Trinks, was located in the former administration building of "F.Thörl’s Vereinigte Harburger Oelfabriken Aktiengesellschaft". In 1979 the build-up of the TUHH began here in the Harburger Schloßstraße 20 and as of 1980 the research work started.

Research Area Electromagnetic Compatibility

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Jan Luiken ter Haseborg

Due to the increasing compact setups of electronic devices and systems as well as the decreasing voltage and current levels EMC is of special interest. One of various research topics is the EMC of wireless data transmission systems, whereby the emission as well as the susceptibility represent the focus of the research work. Special robotic systems have been developed realizing a three dimensional scan and investigation of electromagnetic fields of complex antenna structures in order to optimize the gain under consideration of a limitation of the total radiated field.

The applications of these activities can be seen in the improvement of wireless data transmission systems inside of complex arrangements in traffic systems, e.g. automobiles, aircraft and ship, in consideration of EMC.

Research, Development and Services

  • Development of robotic systems for detection of electric and magnetic fields in TEM cells
  • Development accompanying EMC analysis and measurements for the industry
  • Development of ISM-Band based wireless transmission systems for navigational data on bridges of ships and also for automation and sensor data in ship engine rooms especially on cruise vessels
  • EMC on ships
  • EMC of wireless communication and internet access in aircraft cabins
  • Measurement of the shielding effectiveness of materials, boxes, cells and chambers
  • Investigation of coupling and propagation of interfering currents on multiconductor transmission lines of complex systems by computer simulations and measurements
  • EMC on Printec Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Development of nonlinear filters for transmission lines in automatic control systems particularly in highfrequency systems for the suppression of transient pulses with high steepness and high energy content such as ESD, LEMP, NEMP, UWB, HPM (computer simulation with PSpice):
  • EMC of cardiac pacemakers
  • Development of EMC measurement procedures (e.g. determination of the complex transfer impedance and admittance of shielded cables and lines)
  • EMC advisory service, EMC analysis service, EMC measurement technology, EMC seminars
  • EMC workshop and tutorials