New conditions for user access starting from July 20th 2020. 
#M# Maximum TWO persons per microscope room. Face masks mandatory! BOTH persons sign the microscope log sheet.
No # No mandatory usage of face masks at the microscopes in presence of only one(!) person.
·        # No mandatory usage of lab gloves.
·        # Use the door from the Talos-userroom to the hallway solely as an exit or emergency exit. The access to the Talos-userroom is possible from the connection door to the anteroom.
·        # Face masks mandatory in the anterooms.
     # # Trainings can take place if the conditions are met.




·        # Minimize contact to other users (safe distance 1,5 m).
·        # Users are only allowed on the BEEM premises during the booked microscope hours.
·        # If you feel unwell (even just a little bit), stay home!


Violation of above terms & conditions may be penalized by revocation of microscope access for as long as the pandemic last!
·        # Disinfect gear and surfaces BEFORE usage
·        # Enter microscope rooms only 10 minutes after last user has left the room




Welcome to the website of the electron microscopy unit (BEEM) of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). As a central unit we provide instrumentation, methods and expertise in electron microscopy and micro-analysis for all members of the university.
In addition, we offer microscopy-related services to other institutions and contract work to external customers. Our services include electron and light microscopy, micro-analysis, sample preparation, image processing and computer-assisted image, chemical and orientation data analysis.


Dr.-Ing. Martin Ritter




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