I commit myself to the guideline for safeguarding good scientific practice and distance myself from all varieties of so-called conspiracy ideologies.

I am not  affiliated with any religious or ideological association and  distance myselve from any kind of racism, anti-semitism, sexism and other extremist attitudes. Freedom (of opinion), access to information, tolerance, democracy and hospitality are very important to me.

Steffen Walk, M. Sc.



Technische Universität Hamburg
Abwasserwirtschaft und Gewässerschutz
Eißendorfer Straße 42 (M)
21073 Hamburg


Gebäude M
Raum M3508


+49 40 428 78 4290


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Steffen Walk

Publications of Steffen Walk

Hagel, S.; Lüssenhop, Ph.; Walk, St.; Kirjoranta, S.; Ritter, A.; Bastidas Jurado, C.G.; Mikkonen, K.S.; Tenkanen, M.; Körner, I.; Saake, B. (2021): Valorization of urban street tree pruning residues in biorefineries by steam refining : conversion into fibers, emulsifiers, and biogas. Frontiers in Chemistry 9 (Nov.): 779609 (2021), DOI 10.15480/882.3899
Walk, St., Lüssenhop, Ph., Elfers, B.M.; Körner, I. (2021): Characteristics of different urban and rural green wastes. Research Data TUHH DOI: 10.15480/336.3380
Walk, S.; Wardle, D.; Deegener S.; Körner I. (2019): Improving the quality and quantity of source-separated household food waste in areas of different socio-economic characteristics: A case study from Lübeck, Germany. In: Proceedings CEST 2019 - Solid waste management, 16th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Rhodes, Greece

Research and Development Projects of Steffen Walk

Sustainable soils by quality compost with defined properties
Supported by: Interreg-program | SOILCOM-consortium
Project periode: 02-01-2019 to 06-30-2023

Ina Körner

The Project is handled by:
Ina Körner
Tel.: +49 40 42878-3154

Others involved with the project: Dr.-Ing. Anna Deipser, Steffen Walk, Phillipp Lüssenhop
Project leader: Priv. Doz. Dr. Ing. habil. Ina Körner

Ein dezentrales Abfallmanagementsystem für die innovative Verwertung von städtischem Bioabfall (DECISIVE)
Gefördert durch: Horizon 2020 European Union | DECISIVE
Laufzeit: 06-01-2016 bis 10-31-2021

Steffen Walk

Das Projekt wird bearbeitet von:
Steffen Walk
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Tel.: +49 40 42878-4290

Weitere Projektbeteiligte: Jessica Schermuly
Projektleiter: Priv. Doz. Dr. Ing. habil. Ina Körner

Decision Support for Small-Scale Flexi-Feed Biorefineries
Supported by: BMBF
Project periode: 05-01-2018 to 04-30-2021

Phillipp Lüssenhop

The Project is handled by:
Phillipp Lüssenhop
Scientific Employee
Tel.: +49 40 42878-4292

Others involved with the project: Steffen Walk
Project leader: Priv. Doz. Dr. Ing. habil. Ina Körner