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Jan Robert Wibbing

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Since July 2015 doctorate for Dr.-Ing.: Recovery of degraded and eroded soils for food and water security through organic agriculture with intercropping and crop-trees with a focus on mycorrhiza-plant interactions

Scholarship by Olin gGmbH, Berlin for PhD studies

Project manager of Slope Farming Project Arba Minch, Ethiopia, for Hamburg University of Technologies, www.slopefarming.org

Abstract Slope Farming: Within the Slope Farming Project in Arba Minch, Ethiopia, a new, holistic land use management system is to be developed, which conserves and improves eroded, degraded soils and ecosystems through adapted, organic-intensive agricultural management. By integrative measures, local people can create local value with local resources, so that sustainable livelihoods can be strenghtened. The academic discipline of "Restoration Engineering" is to be brought to the next level by the synergistic, co-operative combination of diverse topics of water, wastewater, soil, agricultural management, energy systems and climate change. Possible pathways for an improved food and water security for a still increasing number of world inhabitants, combating effects of climate change and climate change itself, poverty and migration processes, just as sustainable, agricultural systems for the 21th century are developed synergistically.


11.2015 – 03.2016 Study of conduct for Hamburg City Office: Terra Preta at the island of Neuwerk, Germany.

10.2012 – 07.2015 Master studies "Water and Environmental Enginnering" at the Hamburg University of Technologies, Degree: Master of Science.

Master thesis: Erosion prevention through integrated Slope Farming supported by inter-spezcies mycorrhiza-plant interaction in tropical climates.

10.08 – 08.2012 Bachelor studies "Civil and Environmental Engineering" at Hamburg University of Technologies, Degree: Bachelor of Science.

Bachelor thesis: Developement of an Integrated Concept of Terra Preta Sanitation for a Slum in South India.





Reseach Activities Jan Wibbing

Slope Farming Projekts Arba Minch
Supported by: Olin gGmbH, Berlin | Slope Farming
Project periode: 11-01-2015 to 10-31-2018

Jan Robert Wibbing

The Project is handled by:
Jan Robert Wibbing
Ph. D. Student
Tel.: +49 40 42878-2983
e-mail: jan.wibbing@tuhh.de

Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl