Bachelor-, Master- and Project Works


On this side you can find an overview of project works/master thesis and Studien-/Vertiefer-Diplomarbeiten offered currently at our institute. These topics are out of our ongoing research projects. For details, please check the table below or contact the tutor mentioned.

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Explanation of shortcuts:
PW = project work
MT = master thesis
MA = Masterarbeit
SA = Studien-/Vertieferarbeit
BA = Bachelorarbeit
DA = Diplomarbeit

BA, MA, PA Elimination of Micropollutants in Municipal Wastewater by a process combination of nanofiltration and biological degradation (MicroStop)
Possible start: 07-31-2020 to 07-31-2021
Contact: Birthe Stricker, Tel.: 2417 e-mail:
MA, BA, MT Investigations of groundwater hazard potential through field composting
Possible start: 11-12-2020 to 06-30-2021
Contact: Claas Menke, Tel.: 2767 e-mail:
MA, MT Sustainable and productive large-scale Agriculture in a dry region in Brandenburg, Germany
Possible start: 09-01-2020 to 05-31-2021
Contact: Ralf Otterpohl, Tel.: 3007 e-mail:
MA, MT Analytics of soil and plants for the improvement of soil quality and humus building
Possible start: 08-24-2020 to 03-31-2021
Contact: Ralf Otterpohl, Tel.: 3007 e-mail: