Practical Course: Ressources Oriented Sanitation: High- and Low-Tech Options
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ing. Ralf Otterpohl
Type of course: Practical course

- Construction of urine-diverting toilets
- Comparison of stored and fresh urine: ammonia concentration
- Comparison of stored and fresh urine: alkalinity

Steven A. Esrey, Jean Gough, Dave Rapaport, Ron Sawyer, Mayling Simpson-Hébert, Jorge Vargas and Uno Winblad: Ecological Sanitation, SIDA, Stockholm 1998, http://www.ecosanres.org/pdf_files/Ecological_Sanitation.pdf

Term: WiSe 20/21
Lecture ID: 30597_W20
ECTS-credit points: 1
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Responsible Institute: Institut für Abwasserwirtschaft u. Gewässerschutz (B-2)
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