Product Development and Engineering Design, Engine of Progress


Engineering design means to translate an abstract idea into a concrete form. Our world today is dominated by technical products. Almost every product is created in an engineering design process. Creativity and personality of the designer determine to a large extent and are partly responsible for the design of our environment, even in the age of CAD and Artificial Intelligence. The research group "System Technologies and Engineering Design Methodology" (Head: Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Josef Schlattmann) at Hamburg University of Technology makes a constant contribution in the area of ​​methodological engineering design to improve product development, design optimization process as a whole and in selective focus of tribology as well as in the integration of electronic components in systems or elements. All approaches have in common the development of design optimization strategies and improved methods as well as the inclusion and development of behavioral skills with organizational structures to provide further optimization potentials for daily product development work.

The research group is part of the institute "Laser- and System Technologies (G-2)".