EPOS 2010 Homepage


Welcome to the website of EPOS 2010 at the Hamburg University of Technology!






Like its predecessors the workshop wants to provide a forum for researchers from various disciplines, such as the social sciences, economics, computer science, engineering or the natural sciences, who are interested in discussing epistemological aspects of simulation across disciplinary boundaries. Philosophers are highly welcome, too.


Topics to be addressed in the workshop include, but are not restricted to issues such as the epistemology of simulation, credentials for model building, and standards for presenting and analyzing simulation results.


Following the tradition of most of the previous EPOS workshops, we will publish a selection of the accepted papers in a special issue of a journal after a further reviewing process. This time, there will be a special issue of Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory.


Hosts: Prof. Dr. Matthias Meyer (Hamburg University of Technology), Prof. Dr. Klaus G. Troitzsch (University of Koblenz-Landau)